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New sign at Elephant Rocks

This week the Waitaki Whitestone Geopark has installed a new sign at Elephant Rocks. In collaboration with the Vanished World Trail Committee, the Team exchanged the previous Vanished World Trail panel with the new signage. Thank you to Mike Gray and John Hore, Vanished World Trail volunteers, for installing the new sign and even repairing a few dints that the structure took when it was shifted earlier this year.

On the photo (left to right): Trevor Jones (VW volunteer), Sasha Morriss (Geoeducator), Lisa Heinz (Geopark Coordinator), Gerard Quinn (Executive Manager for WWG Trust), Mike Gray (VW Volunteer), John Hore (VW Volunteers and VW Trail Manager), Helen Jansen (Chair of WWG Trust)

The new design includes a description of how the landscape came to be, a map of the surrounding area with close sites and places of interest nearby as well as a short introduction to the Waitaki Whitestone Geopark and an appeal to look after our land. It also informs visitors about our App and is available in six different languages by following a QR code. Have a closer look at the sign here:

Elephant Rocks VW panel 1800x880mm_print
Download • 16.06MB

The sign at Elephant Rocks will be followed by another one at Anatini, which the team is currently working on.

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