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Geopark Touring APP

Download the FREE Waitaki Whitestone Geopark app to explore a land of geological and cultural marvels! This app is designed to direct you to the highlights of our geopark. Follow the map on each tour or just leave the tour open and let it announce when you're near a highlight of interest. 

Victorian Precinct Walking Tour: Take a stroll through history on this walking tour through the historic precinct of Ōamaru. You're going to see 1884 Ōamaru through the eyes of Alexander McMaster (an early European settler in North Otago).

Geo-Highlights (Waitaki Valley): This driving tour will take you through some of the Geo-Highlights of the Waitaki Valley, mostly along SH83. 

Waitaki Coast Tour: This tour winds its way along the Waitaki coast by way of SH1. 

Geo-Vistas: This driving tour will take you through the most beautiful and picturesque spots in the Geopark. Perfect for photographers and bloggers. 

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Rural Route to Duntroon: This driving tour will take you from Ōamaru to Duntroon. We are not taking the usual route via SH83, but will explore the rural roads of North Otago and will learn about the geological and social stories along the way.

Discovery Trail through the Ōamaru Public Gardens: Welcome to the Ōamaru Public Gardens! This tour will take you to some of the great places within the Ōamaru Public Gardens.

Vanished World Self Drive Route: This driving tour will take you to some of the geological and cultural sites in and around Duntroon. It includes Māori Rock Art sites, fossil sites, historical sites and a wetland.

Waitaki Moa Trail: New Zealand was once home to the now extinct Moa - one of the biggest birds to have ever lived! The Waitaki Moa Trail links moa and moa-related sculptures throughout the district. Follow the trail to discover different sculptures of these magnificent birds.

OceanaGold Self-Guided Tour: Explore and learn more about how gold is extracted from the rock beneath our feet at New Zealand’s largest gold mine with OceanaGold’s Self-Guided Tour.

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DOWNLOAD IT TODAY! The app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

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