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EAT The park

The limestone that underpins our district - and that forms the core of our geopark - has long had a strong impact on the “taste of the Waitaki”. Throughout the Waitaki district, restaurants, growers, vintners, brewers and producers have emerged that embrace the “paddock to plate” philosophy, growing produce and preparing meals using ingredients grown on-site, from our waterways, and raised on our farms, offering a true Waitaki taste experience.

New Zealand Christmas would not be complete without Ōamaru’s famed Jersey Benne potatoes, nurtured in the volcanic soils that render our produce among the tastiest in the country. Restaurants like Fleurs Place at Moeraki, Riverstone Kitchen on the Waitaki Plains and Ōamaru’s Pen-y-bryn have staked their reputations on the high quality of our local produce, and have earned national and international acclaim. The wineries of the Waitaki Valley have developed their reputation on the basis of our limestone rich soils, which have bestowed on their wines a character considered unique in New Zealand. This has led to the region being promoted as “the Burgundy of the South”. Several of these wineries have established popular tasting rooms on or near their vineyards.

'Eat the Park' Interview Series


As part of the development of a geogastronomy sector group, we have been releasing a series of stories in 2019/20 under the name 'Eat the Park', showcasing local growers and food providers, and the products special to the Waitaki District. Read about the people behind the produce and their story below. With organic vegetables, sustainable milk (and cream), wine, salmon, stone fruits, preserves, craft beer tomatoes and cherries, the Waitaki picnic basket is looking amazing!

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