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Geopark Coordinator Lisa Heinz had a lovely meeting with Hartmut Escher from the Natur- und Geopark TERRA.vita, a UNESCO Global Geopark, while visiting her family in Germany on her vacation. TERRA.vita is one of the longest-running geoparks in the world! A big thank-you to the TERRA.vita team who generously shared some great tips and advice.

Short introduction to TERRA.Vita Nature and Geopark

The Nature and Geopark TERRA.vita was founded in 1962, and until 2002 was called the Naturpark nördlicher Teutoburger Wald – Wiehengebirge (the Nature Park of Northern Teutoburger Forest and Wiehen Mountains). But more than just the name has changed in the last several years – they are now one of only 6 German and 147 Geoparks worldwide that have been recognised since November 2015 as UNESCO Global Geopark.

Fast facts:

- Size: 1550km2

- 300 Mio. Years of geology

- 2800km of hiking trails

- 4000km of cycling trails

Visit their website for more information.

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