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Last Saturday around 40 people joined us to celebrate World Wetlands Day with a walk and talk exploring the beautiful Devil's Bridge Wetland - introduced by proud landowner Aaron Meikle & co-founder Barry Wilson. This man-made wetland was established in 1995 by Aaron's dad and supporters. Previously farmland with a history of flooding, this group set about planning and developing an area that would attract wildlife and be open to the public.

A truly collaborative effort, Rob Smith (QEII National Trust), Mark Webb (Fish & Game New Zealand), Sasha Morriss (Waitaki Whitestone Geopark) and Waitaki District Council's Biodiversity Advisor Max Crowe were also there and talked on the history and management of the wetland, the flora, fauna, geology, protection and future plans. An amazing effort on how everyone worked together to create a special ecosystem that's now popular for scenic walks, hunting and fishing.

Thank you everyone for joining us and together exploring and learning more about this special place. There are new plans for the future of the wetlands - get in touch if you would like to be involved.

Check out a video of the day on the Waitaki District Council's Facebook page.

What is World Wetlands Day?

World Wetlands Day is celebrated each year on 2 February to raise awareness about wetlands. This day also marks the anniversary of the Convention on Wetlands, which was adopted as an international treaty in 1971. Learn more here.

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