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With spring just around the corner, we are excited to announce that we are planning to develop a 'Geopark Trail' through the Oamaru Public Gardens. Locals and visitors will be equipped with a free map of the Oamaru Public Gardens and are encouraged to have a fun time exploring, discovering and learning in the Gardens. With this trail we want to introduce the user to:

  • Basic map reading skills

  • Geological history through local rock identification, formation and usage

  • Local social history that is reflected in the Oamaru Gardens

  • Active engagement with the environment

Together with the Waitaki Museum and the Council's Park and Recreation Team were are scoping out what interesting features we want to include on the trail. We would also like to invite you to tell us your favourite spots and hidden gems in the Oamaru Public Gardens. We would love to hear from you! Visit us in the Pop-up Shop (Monday-Friday 12.30-4.30pm, 27 Thames Street) or send us an email .

We hope to inspire locals and visitors to learn, discover and connect with the Waitaki Whitestone Geopark by providing this fun activity.

A massive thanks to Network Waitaki who has sponsored this project through their community sponsorship 'Powering our Community'.

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