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Guide Your Geopark workshop

Updated: Jul 25, 2019


Our resident geologist Sophie Briggs is running an introduction to Oamaru's Geosites as part of the Sustainability Skills Summer School.

Person exploring pillow lava at beach

Become an expert on local geologic attractions within the Waitaki Whitestone Geopark with geologist Sophie Briggs. Discover the fascinating stories behind Oamaru’s geosites, learn what they can tell us about the earth and our interactions with it, and become inspired to share these special natural wonders with friends, family, and visitors.   Date & Time: Sat 19th January, 10am - 3pm Meet: The Business Hive, 26 Ribble St Oamaru at 10am. At 12pm we will head out on a field trip till 3pm.   Suitable for all ages.

Tickets are $11.50 which includes a $1.50 card transaction fee. 

Visit: to book your spot   Enquiries: Sophie Briggs 0284 087 931   About the Sustainability Skills Summer School:

“Classes in bread making, raw food, cheese, yoga, meditation, beekeeping, essential oils, gardening, furniture design, pottery, social media marketing, building websites, improving business, singing, guitar, performing arts...something for everyone!”

"The summer school was born in 2010, amongst a small group of passionate and visionary thinkers, right here in Oamaru. In the face of increasing economic and social disharmony, they sought a way to engage and inspire the community, to learn a more sustainable way of living.

A community school which could provide a platform to share skills and knowledge with one another, and an opportunity to pass them down to future generations, seemed like a good place to start. Each year, locals open up their homes, studios, workshops and businesses to invite you to learn their craft.

After 8 years of nurturing and growing, learning and inspiring, the school has now left the cosy shores of its founders, the Natural Heritage Society, and joined forces with The Waitaki Community Gardens.

Here we can continue to enjoy what the classes offer our community, whilst collaborating and sharing resources with the many wonderful educational programmes being developed at the gardens.

From growing your own food to making upcycled furniture, building websites to the creative arts, the school delivers over 40 classes each summer to inspire you."

woman planting a tree

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