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This event is part of the Geopark Festival 2023.

Become an expert on the local geologic attractions of Elephant Rocks and Anatini. Did you know this area was once part of a warm and shallow ocean about 25 million years ago? Discover the fascinating stories behind the local geosites, learn what they can tell us about the geological past, and become inspired to share these special natural wonders with friends and family. Suitable for 12+ yrs and moderate to good fitness and mobility required.

The Field Trip will start at the Duntroon Hall with a short presentation and introduction to the Waitaki Whitestone Geopark and wider geological context of this area. We will then head by car carpark to then Elephant Rocks (Island Cliff-Duntroon Road) carpark. We will then explore Elephant Rocks before continuing on foot along the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail to Anatini. Here we will discover the fossilised bones of an ancient baleen whale. From Anatini, we will walk back via the same track (Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail) to the Elephant Rocks carpark where the field trip will conclude. On this trip you will gain some basic geological mapping skills.

When? Saturday 28 October 2023, 12.30 - 3.30pm

Where? Start at the Duntroon Hall for an introduction, then drive by private

car to Elephant Rocks carpark.

Cost: $10 per person (Cash on the day)

Bookings required. To book email:

Contact: Lisa Heinz 022 581 5657

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