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This event is part of the Geopark Festival 2023.

Explore and learn about Anatini and it's many features, by navigating your way around the property, using the detailed map supplied. This is rogaine style event, where you use a map and the visual clues of the environment, to move around the property on foot, collecting a code at each check point you find. You can collect the check points in any order and you have up to 2 hours to complete the course so feel free to race it or take your time and enjoy a stroll. Bring your answers back to HQ when you’re finished to check off your answers, and maybe claim a prize! The ground is uneven and can be slippery so this event is suitable for those with a moderate fitness, although there's a good view of much of the course from HQ if exploring isn’t your thing. All children under age of 12 need a supervising adult to be out on course with them. If there is heavy rain before or on the day, the event will be cancelled. Registration from 8.45am, with pre-event briefing at 9.25am, Event starts at 9.30am.

When? Saturday 28 October 2023, 9.30 - 11.30am

Where? Anatini 242 Island Cli􀃣-Duntroon Road, Duntroon

Cost: Gold coin donation per person to support ongoing pest eradication

Registration from 8.45am, with pre-event briefing at 9.25am

Contact: Nicola Neal, 027 472 6876,

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