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As the Omicron outbreak is well and truly underway, we have decided to move our Public talks for March, April and May to a virtual space to keep the community and speakers safe.

The Virtual Public Talks will be held via Zoom and require you to register in advance. After you registered, you will receive an email with the link.


The Waitaki Whitestone Geopark presents:

Reconstructing climate using glaciers

Mountain glaciers are sensitive climate indicators that grow and shrink largely in response to changes in air temperature. Glaciers also modify their landscapes in distinctive ways by erosion and deposition of rocks and sediment. New Zealand’s alpine landscapes bear the characteristic signature of past glaciation, thus serving as a useful archive of prehistoric climate change.

In this presentation, Shaun will show how we can quantify the timing and magnitude of past climate change from glaciers using state of the art techniques in geological dating and computer modelling. Using examples from around the country, Shaun will show how these techniques have been used to (i) quantify ice age climate conditions and (ii) determine if our glaciers have ever been smaller than present.

A presentation by Shaun Eaves:

Shaun is a lecturer in physical geography at Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington where he researches glaciers, ice sheets, and past climate change.

6 - 7pm Thursday 19 May

Virtually via Zoom - Registration necessary!

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