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The Waitaki Whitestone Geopark presents:

Visit Gondwana

without leaving home

  • New Zealand’s geological origins go back more than 200 million years, to when it was part of the Gondwana supercontinent

  • The familiar greywacke rock of the Waitaki area was formed in Gondwana, and is being recycled into new geological deposits

  • Learn about the rich geological history preserved in the Waitaki area, in a journey from Gondwana to today

A presentation by David Barrell:

David is a senior scientist with GNS Science, a government-owned earth science research institute. He has worked on the geology and landforms of the Waitaki District for over 25 years. He has applied his knowledge to various scientific issues, including understanding climate history, active tectonics, geological hazards and groundwater resources.

6 - 7pm Thursday 15 October

Oamaru Library, 62 Thames Street, Oamaru and Live on the Geopark's Facebook page.

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