Updated: Sep 19

Let's celebrate International Geodiversity Day! Join us for a fun, family-friendly Geo-walk and activities at the Ōamaru Public Gardens to learn more about the different rock types of the Waitaki and the importance of Geodiversity.

When? Thursday 06 October 2022

Where? Ōamaru Public Gardens (Chelmer Street car park)


Geo-walk #1 11am

Join our Geoeducator Sasha on a fun & family-friendly Geo-walk through the public gardens and discover a range of our local rocks including schist, petrified wood & limestone - and the stories they tell!

Geo-activities 11.30am - 1.30pm

Discover a range of fun, hands-on activities to learn more about our local rocks types. Dig a fossil, watch a "volcano" erupt, paint rocks and test your rock knowledge.

Geo-walk #2 1.30pm

Join our Geoeducator Sasha for the second Geo-walk of the day as described above.

Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.


International Geodiversity Day is a worldwide celebration, bringing people together on October 6 each year, to promote all the many aspects of geodiversity. Geodiversity is all around you. It is all the parts of nature that aren't alive; including everything from minerals and fossils, to soils and spectacular landscapes. Learn more here.

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