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Hutchesons Quarry


This locality is one of New Zealand's first geological reserves, established because it was important in early studies on local geology.

A short walk through bush reveals this historically important quarry called Hutchesons Quarry - now a geological reserve.  Recorded here in the rocks is the geological story of Oamaru with limestone, volcanic material and overlying sands revealing the underwater world that occupied this area some 34 million years ago.

Hutchesons Quarry forms part of the Vanished World Heritage Trail and an interpretation board is present at the site.

The quarry has also been known under the name Hutchinsons Quarry. It is not uncommon to find people with differently spelled versions of their surname. Some people changed them on arrival in New Zealand or others to distinguish themselves from others with the same surname. While Hutchison and Hutchinson also occur in papers from the time and later books on local history, it is David Hutcheson (1826-1882) how he signed his name is his will.

Please be aware the following hazards include: waterway, steps, unsealed walking track, and falling debris from overhang.

Latitude: -45:05:38.583

Longitude: 170:57:56.154

Easy walk

5 min



To get to Hutchesons Quarry, follow Eden St in for 500m from Thames Highway. There is parking available to the right. Walk into the Glen Warren Reserve and follow the path for a few hundred metres. The quarry will be to your right. 


Protection and guardianship are at the heart of the Geopark philosophy. We ask you to treat this site with respect, do not remove anything from this site and preserve it for our future generations.