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enfield dikes

Photo by Bruce Comfort


The dikes seen here are basaltic in nature, and are one of the best inland exposures of igneous dikes in the Oamaru region and belong to the wider Waiareka Volcanic group. 

These are located behind the village of Enfield in a disused quarry which has more recently been used as a landfill site.  This site is fenced off to the public.  You can however view the Geosite from behind the gates. 

The quarry exposes several near-vertical dikes. Dikes are formed when volcanic activity pushes magma up through a crack or a weakness in the crust.  This magma cuts across older material and cools in place as an igneous intrusion (i.e. it cools and ‘sets’ below the surface).

Please be aware the following hazards include: no vehicle parking, closed landfill.

Latitude: --45:02:40.908

Longitude: 170:52:14.112

Easy walk


Pub 300m


To get to Enfield Dikes, follow the Weston-Ngapara Rd from Weston towards Enfield for 6km. Just before the township of Enfield, park your car in the parking bay on the left and follow the signage. 


Protection and guardianship are at the heart of the Geopark philosophy. We ask you to treat this site with respect, do not remove anything from this site and preserve it for our future generations.

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