Walk amongst geological marvels, exposed by erosion of sedimentary rocks laid down between 23 - 25 million years ago.

Wander through the towering limestone rocks. A geological wonder of the Waitaki, this unique scenery has featured in movies such as Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


The Elephant Rocks area has many characteristic large hummocky or elephant-shaped limestone outcrops. The “elephants” are formed from Otekaike Limestone, which originated as a fossil-rich marine sand when the area was occupied by large shallow seas with isolated islands. The thick and flat-lying limestone has many joints (cracks) caused by uplift of the area. These cracks, which cross each other, are readily eroded by water. Ultimately, enough limestone is eroded away to leave the “elephants” bare and isolated from each other. 

Please be aware the following hazards include: traffic, slippery surface when wet, uneven surface, fall hazards, and farming activities

Latitude: -44:53:36.131 Longitude: 170:39:22.355

Easy walk

5 min


Scenic views  & Photo opportunities

Public Toilets

The field is part of a private farm and sheep may be present. Please respect the land and the animals. Public access is permitted via a 5-minute walk across the farmland from opposite a parking bay on the east side of the Island Cliff-Duntroon Road. The Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail passes this site.


Elephant Rocks is signposted


Protection and guardianship are at the heart of the Geopark philosophy. We ask you to treat this site with respect, do not remove anything from this site and preserve it for our future generations.


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