Campbells Bay


A popular surfing spot, this site also has impressive geological features to offer and explore.

An impressive geological sequence is visible at Campbells Bay.  Here you can see the Ototara Limestone dipping impressively down beach.  The outcrop is heavily cemented.  The interesting holes in the limestone are actually shrimp burrows that were further eroded and enlarged around 30 million years ago.  

Walking further up-beach you can see older underlying material including volcanic tuff.

Please be aware the following hazards include: tides, wildlife, sharp and slippery rock underfoot, and falling debris from cliffs. Tsunami risk – if an earthquake is strong or long, get gone. 

Latitude: -45:11:40.546

Longitude: 170:53:43.488

Easy walk

5 min


Scenic views  & Photo opportunities

Public Toilets


To get to Campbells Bay, follow Waianakarua Rd and after the Kakanui Camping Ground, turn left into Harbour Terrance. Follow this Rd for 1.8km and you will reach the parking area to your left. 


Protection and guardianship are at the heart of the Geopark philosophy. We ask you to treat this site with respect, do not remove anything from this site and preserve it for our future generations.

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"What a fantastic window into the past. Today we saw fossil bones in limestone at two different sites. One set were whale bones. Just awesome that this trail has been put together, maintained and promoted."

— Mark Shipman, 

Vanished World visitor