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Bridge Point


A relic of an underwater volcano from about 32 - 36 million years ago. 

During the Eocene, more of Zealandia was below sea level than at the present day.  During this time, submarine volcanoes were active along the present day coastal section of the Waitaki Whitestone Geopark.  

At Bridge Point a nearby, likely short-lived volcano erupted around 32 – 36 million years ago.  The volcano was subsequently eroded, creating an environment for marine life and accumulation of marine sediments.


Update 12 July 2023: Due to recent erosion, the carpark and beach access to the site has been compromised.

Please be aware the following hazards include: narrow, tides, wildlife, sharp and slippery rock underfoot, and falling debris from cliffs. Tsunami risk – if an earthquake is strong or long, get gone. 

Take a virtual tour through Bridge Point:

Latitude: -45:13:14.051

Longitude: 170:52:57.026

Easy walk

2 min


Scenic views  & Photo opportunities


Leave Kakanui south and follow Waianakarua Rd for just over 3km. Bridge Point will be to your left - Please note that the small parking bay on the site of the road as had erosion damage and is currently not accessible. The beach access had also been compromised due to the erosion.


Protection and guardianship are at the heart of the Geopark philosophy. We ask you to treat this site with respect, do not remove anything from this site and preserve it for our future generations.

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