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On Wednesday 21 April we embarked on a short 2 hour bus tour along parts of Waitaki's coast. The tour was originally organised for members of the Waitaki Tourism Association and opened up to the public as well.

The tour started in Oamaru by looking at Oamaru's ancient volcano, now known as Cape Wanbrow. The group then headed south along the coast to Campbells Bay where the whole group got out to explore geology 'in the wild'. This beach is popular with locals and visitors, but also tells a fascinating geological story. Learn more about this Geosite here:

Photo: The group at Campbells Bay exploring the local geology.

We headed further down south as far as the Moeraki Peninsula Lookout Point while Sasha, our geoeducator, told the story of the geology of this area and our wider continent Zealandia. On the way back we also shared some of the cultural stories, derived from the Kā Huru Manu Atlas, as well as the story of Totara Estate and its connection to New Zealand's frozen meat industry.

While Geoparks are places with significant geological importance, the cultural and natural stories linked to the land are equally important and were being told during this trip.

If you or your group or business would be interested in doing a Geopark Bus tour, please get in touch with us:

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