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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

The Department of Conservation (DOC) took their 'Project Gold' to Wai O Toura, one of the geosites in the Geopark. DOC’s ‘Project Gold’ aim is to reintroduce kowhai forests, along with other natives, where possible.

DOC Community Ranger Andy Powazynski says: “DOC plays a significant role in conserving, protecting and enhancing our environment. This is a mammoth task and that’s when we need to work with community, volunteers and partners, so we can all achieve strong conservation outcomes. The Department has been working hard towards this planting event by locally sourcing seed, propagation and nurturing these native plants for this event.”

The Geopark team joined the amazing volunteers during their lunch break at the site and had a great chat to them about the Geopark concept. Sasha, our Geoeducator, gave detailed information about Wai O Toura and its geological significance.

Thank you to all the eager volunteers! You are making New Zealand a better place.

About Wai O Toura:

Wai O Toura - Gard’s Road Scenic Reserve is located in the Waitaki Valley between the Otiake River and Gard’s Road, 3 km NW of Otekaieke, North Otago, and is the first lowland scenic reserve in the Waitaki Valley.

The reserve contains a limestone ridge and escarpment covered in exotic grassland and remnants of indigenous vegetation, including a range of nationally ‘threatened and at risk’ species such as Prostrate Kowhai, rare Native Cress and Mat Daisy. It is also home to a rare native broom Carmichaelia Hollowayi, one of only three places in New Zealand where it grows naturally.

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