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This event is part of the Geopark Festival 2023.

Visit the Vanished World Centre and explore the evolution of marine animals. See local marine fossil displays, dig your own fossils and take part in special activities to celebrate the Geopark. Suitable for all ages.

Two free special activities in the Vanished World Centre on this day only between 11 - 4pm

Augmented reality sandbox

Have the chance to explore geoscience by shaping and re-shaping the topography of a landscape. By piling up and digging into the sand, you can create your own landscapes covered in mountains, valleys and plains. Augmented reality layers such as elevation colour markings, topographic lines, and bodies of water are projected onto the sand, and adjust in real time as an interactive sensor detects landforms being shaped. With the wave of a hand, virtual rain, floods, sea level rise and tsunami can be created. The sandbox is designed to teach people about land-water interactions, the effects on waterflow of manmade modifications to land features, and the impacts of sea level rise to our coasts. Suitable for 6+ yrs.

Brought to you by GNS Science.

Dr Rock’s Amazing Rocks

Not all rocks are grey, hard and boring. Come and explore Dr Rock's light, dense, flaky, tough, coloured, glittery, fizzy, magnetic and see-through rocks and learn their uses. And all

rocks tell a story: bring your favourite rocks, minerals or fossils from home for Dr Rock to identify and talk about. Suitable for 8+ yrs.

Brought to you by Geoscience Society of New Zealand.

When? Saturday 28 October 2023, 11am - 4pm

Where? Vanished World Centre (7 Campbell Street, Duntroon)

Entry to the Centre: $5 per adult (usually $10), Children are free. Activities are free.

Contact: Sarah White,, 027 431 2024


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