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Looking for some last minute Christmas presents? Worry no more - We will be at the Ōamaru Farmers Market on Sunday 12 December with some of our merchandise. Check out below what is on offer - and if you cannot make it on the Sunday but you would like to purchase something, please get in touch with us via email

Of course, we are also there to answer any questions you might have about the Geopark or discuss the Strategic Plan 2021-2025. We would love to hear what stories and projects are important to your community and how we can support you.


  • Waitaki Whitestone Geopark cap - $15

  • Waitaki Whitestone Geopark Tee Shirt (black or white) - $40

  • A2 poster of the first geologic map of New Zealand (was super popular last Christmas) - $10

  • A0 poster of the first geologic map of New Zealand (only limited numbers available) - $60

This gorgeous map is the first national geologic map of New Zealand—and it all began in the Waitaki district! The map was compiled in 1865 by Sir James Hector, director of the Otago Geologic Survey, naturalist, and surgeon in his spare time. Hector got together with Canterbury geologist Julius von Haast to put together the map, but progress stalled when Hector and Haast disagreed about the geology they had seen on either side of the Waitaki River. We now know that they were both right—the river marks a major boundary between the schist of Otago and the greywacke of Canterbury. You may be wondering how a bunch of geologists could make such a beautiful masterpiece... they didn't! Local Oamaru legend and architect Thomas Forrester was commissioned to do all the fancy ink and watercolour work, leaving Hector with more time for geologizing. Hector also used this time to examine the world's smallest and rarest dolphin that lives along the Otago coast: Hector's dolphin.

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